thegreenstage (thegreenstage) wrote in thequestionclub,

Omelettes, earbuds, crushes, stepping on gross things

How do you go about making an omelette?

My method: Break eggs into bowl, pick out bits of shell. Prepare ingredients for filling. Heat oil in largish flat-bottomed pan. Beat eggs to reasonably uniform consistency. Pour eggs into pan on low-medium heat. Wait until bottom bit of eggs starts to solidify. Nudge edges of eggs up and tilt pan so uncooked eggs run into gaps. Put ingredients for filling on one side of pan, on top of eggs. Flip other side of eggs over to cover filling. Leave for about a minute.

You know when one of your earbuds stops working for no apparent reason, and you have to twiddle the connector really carefully to hit the sweet spot - is there any obvious fix for that, other than buying a new pair of earbuds, or standing in a ridiculous pose just so you can listen to your music properly?

What has been your most ridiculous "celebrity" crush? I put celebrity in quotation marks because I mean it in the loosest sense. For example, I had a crush for quite a while on Philip Jackson (Japp in the Suchet Poirots) and my best mate had a real thing for Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen back in the day.

ETA: What's the grossest thing you've ever stepped on? I just stepped on a slug, but I've stepped on slugs before. First place is probably a toss-up between warm cat puke, and the time I walked around for ages before realising there was a giant piece of glass in my foot. Ugh yeah, glass-foot wins. That was vile.
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