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Entertaining a depressed cat named Petals

Hi, TQC!

What are some tips for making a depressed, somewhat overweight cat who gets not enough sunlight happier and more active?

We moved from Texas (where she was a joyous outdoors cat in a closed neighborhood filled with other happy cats, plants, pools, etc.) to NYC (where I keep her indoors out of necessity but also because I want to prolong her lifespan).

I take her up to the roof, which she enjoys, and out on a leash, which she loathes, but she only likes being on the roof for ~15 minutes at a time. She lives in the half of the house which has no natural light; two other cats live in the other half and after 6 months they are still very hostile towards each other. I've switched her from open grazing to three small meals a day to help her drop some pounds but she pretty much eats her emotions of boredom away and waits for the next meal.

What are some things I can do to get her more active and less depressed? I am fairly available as I work at home 3 days a week, and she loves cuddling with me, but I'm not very creative coming up with/she has very little drive to do "activities" suggested online.

Can you help?
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