Nikki (empress_nikki) wrote in thequestionclub,

Would you ask your significant other to chip in on your gas costs if you were the one doing the bulk of the traveling to see them?

I feel very weird about it, but my boyfriend (come fall) will live 25 minutes from me, but 45 minutes from where I work. I originally intended to stay in the same town as him, but I can't afford an hour and a half commute five days a week once my student loans come due. My solution was to move to the town between the two places, but I don't see how I'll actually save money if I'm still traveling to see him several nights a week. I don't want to split the traveling more equitably, he works earlier and longer hours and he has a cat that literally (literally as in literally) may as well be his first born child he loves it so much, and he hates commuting, whereas I don't mind it and I like to see his cat. But to afford to be able to see him as much as we'd both like, I have to save more, the only way to really do that, is to split the gas costs. If he were the one traveling, I'm not sure it'd even cross my mind to offer, so... I'm just curious what you all think.
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