is death process (kanimaki) wrote in thequestionclub,
is death process

Do you go to the gym? How often?

What do you do at the gym? What's a typical week like for you at the gym?

If you don't, how do you get your exercise?

If you don't exercise, why not?

I've only started exercising regularly since March, I now go to the gym at least 6 times a week.

I've used the treadmill in the gym for a while but now I stick to the elliptical and am trying out the rowing machine. Other than that I'm mostly there for the group fitness classes (especially the Les Mills ones). I do Body Pump twice a week, Zumba once a week, circuit training once a week, and am trying to fit in at least twice a week of Body Combat and would really love to try out an RPM (spinning) class in the near future once my legs are stronger. I tried out a trampoline class a few days back and it really made me realize how weak my legs are.
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