Sarah (flying_pig7) wrote in thequestionclub,

Craft Ideas!

My British self did not realise that it was Mother's Day here (in Germany) on Sunday until today. So I should probably help the 3-year old I look after make something for his mum.

Do you have any craft ideas?

I have some time to go to shopping but not a lot of shops to look in... probably can get any paper/card, perhaps some paint. He is not really one for sitting still for a long period of time, so quick and easy but cute is what I'm looking for. We will actually only have an hour or so in total (clear up etc included). Space for us to write a message on would be great!

Also, did you have any strange obsessions as a child? (Or now, if you like!)
Said 3-yo LOVES lawnmowers, street sweepers and rubbish lorries. Every stick is a lawn mower or a street sweeper, every park has to be mowed and every street cleaned. Youtube has started recommending lawnmower and street sweeper videos for me.
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