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Missed opportunity, or misread scenario?

Last night, one of my good friends and I were talking about our 20s and how different it'd be if we could be the people now in our 20something bodies, in particular, the renaissance faire. We both worked it for many years. We were both a little shy, and I in particular was reserved due to...issues. This thread of nostalgia led right into the opportunities we missed because of our inability to make moves. We'd laugh about awkward moments on our behalf, how our timidness tended to control us more than we liked, because the faire was a place where rampant sex was available. Hell, I used to work in a pagan booth that had orgies every night, but choose to leave once my shift ended because there were a couple of gay guys in that booth who looked to recruit straight guys, and more older, horny women than I was comfortable with, even though there were some attractive younger women. I felt the cons outweighed the pros, and didn't even linger around once to see what might happen. Not that I would have engaged in anything, but it would have been interesting to know what actually did happen in the booth at night, instead of turning tail and bolting. Being comfortable was a key factor in any sexual scenario back then. Ah, youth.

As my friend and I were listing the opportunities, he mentioned Rosie. "Rosie? Why would you mention her?" "Because I think she was looking". We got into this debate, one that I bring to this community. This is a long post that will remain behind a cut because why the hell would most of you care? There is sexuality in this post

Rosie was married with a 2 year old son. Rosie had been a faire worker for many years, but her husband had no interest in it. He was a straight-laced nerd who's only interest seemed to be Dungeons and Dragons, but they seemed happy enough together. Opposites attract and all that. Rosie was poor and had no car and wanted to work the renfaire, so we happily picked her up on weekends and let her stay with one of us.

'Us' being myself, Alvin (friend) and Amber (his gf/ex-gf). During a 2 year span, the three of us did almost everything together. None of us had many other friends at the time, so we were usually seen together. Alvin and Amber were living together, but the whole time they dated, she told him repeatedly that he wasn't her type, that she was strongly attracted to me, but he trusted me not to fuck his girlfriend, so this little trio friendship worked. While Amber and I had this sexual attraction to each other, I really didn't find her attractive overall because of various reasons, like having a low IQ and poor impulse control and routinely made poor decisions that needed help in correcting. But the three of us would do things together, and when they broke up, they continued to live together and just became FWB roommates, and she made subtle passes at me which I ignored. It was a strange friendship all the way around, and I look back on those days as confusing, wondering why I had let things stay that way for such a long time. Sometimes Amber and I would hang out because Alvin was busy, and she'd hold my hand, and I'd let her cause I didn't think it was that big a deal. I'm sure a number of people thought we were all swingers, having regular threesomes, this 'triad' of lovers, when in truth, it was really just me hanging around a dissatisfied couple going through a weird breakup.

So, looking back, maybe Rosie saw something about us that wasn't true. I will admit that.

The first time I met her, she was Alvin's married friend. It was after the faire had ended for the day, and we were going out to dinner. We pile into his minivan, and I'm sitting next to her. She starts to change out of her overalls into something else. She strips down to bra and panties and I'm trying to be polite and not look. I didn't think anything of it. Faire is a place where you lose your inhibitions about nudity. People routinely change out of their costumes outside their tent. I did this always. It wasn't out of the ordinary at all to see boobs and wieners strolling through campsite, or behind booths. I just figured Rosie was one of those people who had lost all inhibition. She slept in my tent later, and we talked until we fell asleep.

Months later, Amber was going through a bi-curious phase, and we were hitting strip clubs on weekends. Yeah, definitely a strange friendship. We invited Rosie along a couple times, and she was eager to join. Another time, Amber was with her mom, and Alvin and I hung out with Rosie, and for reasons that escape me, we ended up going to a sex store. I really do not remember why, but it was more for shits and giggles.

"There you go", Alvin says. "Why would a married woman go to a sex shop with two guys, neither of which were her husband?"

"We're all faire people. Faire people tend to be overexposed to sex and nudity, and don't bat an eye to any of it. She trusted us, and it was just 3 people just out to kill some time. It didn't mean anything", I countered.

A few months after that, the northern renaissance faire was starting. We decided to go. We invited Rosie, and Michelle, who had broken up with her boyfriend of two years and was looking to do something fun. The thing about Michelle is that we also had this sexual chemistry that only we knew about. Two years before, when she was an 18 year old virgin, Rick and I were both vying somewhat for her affection. Rick tried harder than I did and they ended up together, and dated for the next 2 years. I learned on the travel up, through her subtle flirting, that she was looking for a rebound. On this trip, Amber's hormones were amped up. She was horny as hell, and blatently hitting on me every chance, everything from impromptu shoulder rubs to stroking my thigh. The girls were keenly aware they were vying for my attention, and became rivals that whole weekend, as they took turns trying to lure me to their side. The weird thing was that I wasn't really interested in either of them at this point in time. Too much time had passed between Michelle and I, and Amber's personality turned me off, romantically. When we got to the motel, Alvin ended up getting his own room for some reason, leaving the 4 of us in another, which was only awkward. He had little idea what was happening in our room. The sexual tension was practically palpable, and I'm positive Rosie must have been aware of this.

We drop our bags. Michelle asked if I wanted to cuddle with her that night, while Amber shot her dirty looks. Amber then says that she was going to take a bath. She goes into the bathroom and comes back wearing only a towel. "I'll be in the bathtub if you need me", and then leaves the door wide open. As if this wasn't weird enough and my penis is starting to get some spark at the unfolding scenarios, Rosie starts to get dressed for bed. She begins to strip right in front of us. She strips down to just her cotton panties. Then, after rifling through her bag, while topless, pulls out her t-shirt and shorts and proceeds to finish dressing. Rosie had a really good body. Again, awkward and I was trying not to stare, but damn. I ended up going for a walk because I was getting turned on by the person who I wasn't supposed to be turned on by, and getting really uncomfortable around the two people who were fighting over me. Too effin much.

Alvin knows about that part. Not the part about Amber.

"That proves it? She got naked in front of you. She was looking for some action on the side"

"With two other people in the room? We're faire people. She just has no inhibitions left. She was simply changing, and assumed we'd all seen enough boobs that this wouldn't be weird"

"Denial! You just don't want to see Rosie as looking to cheat on her husband, but she was doing faire before she met him. I bet she's done a lot of things he doesn't know about"

"You saw her husband and her together. They're happy. She's not looking. C'mon, faire's a sexual place, and you do it long enough, nudity becomes commonplace and it's no big deal changing in front of other people. It just shows that Rosie's just a faire veteran, not trolling for wang"

So we argued about this for a few minutes, and in my head, I wondered if Rosie was actively looking to get laid. She never expressed any problem with her marriage, but faire is a sexual place and there are plenty of polygamists, and hookups galore. Plus, she must have noticed the way Michelle and Amber were hitting on me in that room, and felt the sexual tension. There's already a naked woman in the bathroom, and another looking for a coupling on the bed, with the guy in the middle looking uncomfortable and confused. Wouldn't the appropriate response by most women to just walk out and let this drama play out or turn on the tv to break the tension or tell somebody to keep it in their pants or something? Not to add to the sexual tension. Suddenly, I'm not so sure if a foursome may have happened if we were all more adventurous.

Did Rosie just assumed that Amber, Alvin and I were swingers, living this sexually-active lifestyle, and was looking to get a taste, or is she just a contently-married woman with no qualms about nudity and not offended by other people's sexual kinks?

This is all in the past, and I don't communicate with any of these women anymore, and learning the truth would only serve to make an awkward night even more awkward in my memory, but I'm just curious if my ability to read scenarios is on the fritz, or if I'm in denial, or if Alvin's blowing this out of proportion. If this was the real world, it'd be obvious, but in faire world, getting undressed in front of other faire people isn't that weird a thing. Getting naked isn't always happening, but some people just have less issues about nudity than others. Even if I had known that Rosie was liberal about her sexual partners, I don't think I would have had an affair with a married woman
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