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Anyone ever have a horrible professor or has one right now? I do. She has on a number of occasion demonstrated horrible/borderline abusive behavior to the students of my class (grabbing a student and calling her stupid/dense, treating male students horribly despite there being no evidence of anyone having done anything to warrant it, on and on) and is on top of this unorganized and will lose assignments (despite of a "hurricane policy" of submitting assignments with a hard copy, via email, and via an online thing that we use for classes). A part of the problem also stems from her having multiple versions (all different) of directions for how she wants assignments done which means she will tell you to resubmit them until they are done "properly" and if things are not turned in she claims she will simply enter for final grade as an "incomplete".

Well, there were two assignments that were due in February that I turned in, was scolded about and asked to resubmit, I turned them in and never received any word about. I resubmitted them a second time. I was told "I'm working on it, but you are not a priority because you already presented (a related group presentation to the class)." Okay. I understand other people grades need done too. I wait, and wait... no sign of anything other than my 0 grades changed to no grade at all...

I asked again a little bit after that and got the same answer. We had been given an exam a little bit after that and had gotten that back within a few days...and here's dead week, no grades. I emailed again with the assignments. Was told "I'm working on it" ...but had nothing besides a verbal word given to me before class. It's dead week this week, with finals next week. I'm graduating next Saturday and really don't have to have a "C" or (possibly - the amount of points given in this class are very few) lower and risk putting my graduation in jeopardy. I emailed the dean of the school since my adviser/department chair are not the best with handling these situations and the dean is someone I do trust and have had to go to before in the past...and told her about how it's been over a month/close to 2 months and I still did not have anything to show for it. I mentioned other students still waiting for their work and a few who had turned in/not had to resubmit anything and only just got their grades in the last week. She was very nice and told me she would talk to her.

So, TQC, was it overkill for me to have contacted the dean to ensure that my still ungraded assignments will be graded and my graduation is not put into jeopardy? About the abusive behavior, I have gone to her with another student and raised those concerns too.

I'm terrified about going to class and to my final tomorrow and Thursday morning. Is there a good way of handling any possible shitstorm this may result in? This professor seemed to like me, at least enough that she would talk about sci-fi novels and shows...and I wasn't trying to be a jerk but my priority right now is to graduate and get out of school!

DK/DC: I'm looking for new shows to try and new books for that matter. Any good suggestions? If it helps I like things like Doctor Who, Heroes, Bob's Burgers, Whose Line Is It Anyway (not the newest episodes) in terms of shows.

Books: Circle of Friends, Harry Potter series, Yakuza Moon,  Battle Royale, Catcher in the Rye, The Stand, The Shining, Carrie, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

UPDATE: Got an email from the professor. Politely worded "F*** you" in tone with a topping of "You should be thanking me for letting you resubmit."
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