Weltschmerz-ing It Up (tabular_rasa) wrote in thequestionclub,
Weltschmerz-ing It Up

I was supposed to meet up with some friends at a restaurant close to where I work as soon as I got off work today. However, they just contacted me and said they can't get there until an hour and a half after my work ends. I can't linger around the office because it's a slow day and I don't really have anything to do (and frankly no interest in sticking around), but it wouldn't be worth driving all the way home and back in rush hour traffic, either. I have no particular need to buy anything and I probably shouldn't eat or drink or I'll be too full for dinner. I don't have any snazzy electronic devices to play on (just a standard dumphone), though I do have a book. Where can I go and what can I do for ~1.5 hours until dinner?

Srs and nonsrs answers welcome; nonsrs answers encouraged.

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