Jen (striga) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need advice. My husband and/or I snore loud enough that we are apparently keeping our neighbor awake. We've rearranged the bedroom so that our bed is no longer against the wall we share with our neighbor, but apparently it's still a problem. We could conceivably trade rooms with our son, but his room is smaller, and our furniture wouldn't fit. Also, I frankly don't like the complete lack of view from his room, and wouldn't have moved into this apartment knowing that such a view was in store for me. This neighbor also happens to be our apartment manager, so I want to stay on good terms, but it's not like snoring is something we can just choose to stop. Does anyone have any ideas of how to either stop snoring or block the sound? Also, to what extent should this be our problem to fix? For example, if it comes to lining the walls with egg cartons to dampen the sound (which of course would be hideously ugly), is it our responsibility to do that on our side, rather than the neighbor's responsibility? I understand his frustration, he didn't choose to be a light sleeper any more than we chose to be snorers, but it seems like someone is going to have to turn their lives upside down to deal with this problem, unless any of you fine Question Clubbers can come up with an ingenius solution.

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