Sushidog (sushidog) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, what is your opinion on exclusive spaces? Like, women-only, or POC-only, or knitters-only (no crocheters!), or Man U fans only, or whatever? Online or IRL spaces which are intended only for people from one particular group and not for those from outside that group; good thing, bad thing, necessary or useless? Should they be visible or invisible? Like, is a woman-only space more useful, or more ethical, if men can see, but not participate in, the discussions? Is it best, or enough, simply to define spaces as X-only, and trust non-X people to respect that, or can/should/must X-only spaces be policed to ensure that non-X people don't intrude? Are there some groups who can and should have an X-only space, and others who should not? Is it OK for minorities and not majorities, for example? OK for non-chosen attributes (race, gender, sexuality, culture of birth, for example) but not for chosen attributes (religion, hobbies, lifestyle)?

DK/DC; do you have any living plants in your home? What are they?
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