World Famous Colon Explorer (kalamnity) wrote in thequestionclub,
World Famous Colon Explorer

So I've just been offered a job (yay!!). Downside(?): it doesn't start for another two to three months. I have a casual job (mostly weekends) in the industry, where I get to practice/experience things/keep my skills sharpish, and a sporadic gig volunteering whenever I feel like it in a semi-related field (neither of these are huge commitments, the job is pretty flexible about giving me time off whenever). I graduated a few months ago and I've basically been hanging around and having various adventures, but now I know that I will for sure have another few months off. I have some money saved up.

TQC, what would you do if you suddenly had two or three months of free time? Is there anything you would love to achieve/do if you only had the time? What should I do with my life?

(srs/non-srs welcomed!)
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