wobblerlorri (wobblerlorri) wrote in thequestionclub,

What's your favorite rescue?

In reference to ships_sail's recent post about maybe getting a cat or two, do you have a favorite animal or breed rescue you refer people to? Do you have one you've volunteered for? Have you ever adopted an animal from a breed rescue? Would you do it again?

Absolutely. My favorite breed rescue is Siamese Cat Rescue Center, and my neurotic meezer Beau came from there; in fact, this past February was his 4th Gotcha Day! I was so grateful to them for letting me adopt my Beaubert that I made purrpads for them for about a year.

I would so do it again. I'd probably take on an older cat, or ones with special needs -- Beau was a special needs cat, he was really traumatized by his earlier experiences, and it's taken every minute of the past 4 years to get him to be the relatively sane, sociable cat he is now!

ETA: would you post a link to your favorite rescue? You might help bring a person and a pet together!
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