Jasmine! (looloosmells) wrote in thequestionclub,

tight schedule

Can anyone offer advice on how to be "healthy" during crazy times? I work 45 hours a week, 6 days per week. I get off work around 5:30 pm and then my husband and I commute about 45 min to go to law school. We get out of school at around 9:30 and come home at 10 pm.

We get no dinner break at school, so we've been eating when we get home. Stay up until 1 am or so and get up around 7-8 am. Repeat this day after day.

Needless to say, this sedentary lifestyle has caused us to put on weight. I miss exercising. The weekends I work and we have 200-400 pages of reading to do per week, not to mention mind numbing assignments.

Any tips for fitting in exercise? Being healthier?
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