Vamanos. I wish. (marblesonglass) wrote in thequestionclub,
Vamanos. I wish.

Sooo, my PS3 has died. Red screen of death, tried the home fixes but they don't work anymore. My options are to have it fixed (which may cost almost as much as a new one), buy a new one or buy a PS4. I was all set to buy the PS4 until I found out that you can't play PS3 games on it. I don't have a huge amount of PS3 games, but having to pay twice for the same thing is annoying.

As of now, there's nothing that omg I have to play on PS4, but there probably will be eventually. The question is: if you were in my position, what would you do?

1. Fix PS3
2. Buy new PS3
3. Buy new PS4
4. Other
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