Eve (eveofrevolution) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was supposed to receive a call at 3:45pm for a job interview. It is now a couple minutes after 4pm. How long should I sit around and do nothing waiting for them to call before I E-mail the recruiter? How long should I wait before I go do something productive (dishes, namely)?

I do have the recruiter's E-mail address, but she's not the one interviewing me. I don't have a phone number for the people who are interviewing me.

They called me at 4:10pm and I just got off the phone with them. They had a meeting that ran long and they were extremely apologetic. I think it went well, so fingers crossed! :D

DK/DC What's a recent food that you've recently become obsessed with? Mine is jalapenos, and I just recently discovered the wonders of pepperoni and jalapeno pizza.
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