rikkilee (rikkilee) wrote in thequestionclub,

When a person calls a local manufacturing company and presses whatever number for accounting, my phone rings.
It used to be sporadic, just once a month or so.
I called the company and notified them and hadn't heard anything for a while, so I thought it was fixed.

It has gotten alot worse now.
I am getting phone calls several times a week now.
If I am unable to answer my phone, they leave a voicemail (not realizing that they have not reached the company's accountant) telling me that there has been unpaid invoices since november and the company needs to pay them a minimum of $10,000 to continue doing business with the company calling about the invoice.

I called again, but I think I am just getting a shop worker who couldn't care less about it.

What should I do!?

the website has one phone number (which I called and got no where), and email address for submitting manufacturing requests, and an address.

Should I email them, hoping to get a management position, or should I show up at their place of business?

I think I would like to show up at their business and not leave until they resolve it, however, I don't think its a store front style of shop.
I think its just a big workshop/building and there will be no place for the customer to be without compromising safety.
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