mandy b (mistressmandoli) wrote in thequestionclub,
mandy b

Computer Troubles

Okay, so I'm not exactly sure how to word this, so here we go:

Back on Monday night, I was working on my computer. I wasn't doing too much - just surfing the internet and listening to music. Everything was going fine until my computer froze on me. It made some sort of whirring sound (hard, loud, obnoxious), then re-booted on me. It tried to do some sort of recovery-type thing, but I got upset at the computer and force quit a few times.

My computer now slows down at random times, and I can barely spend an hour online without having it freeze up. I can't shut the computer down properly.

What's going on with my laptop? It's an HP Pavilion notebook PC with Windows 8. It's fairly new, bought a few weeks ago.
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