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So background: I have a SO who is really not a morning person. It seems as though the very act of getting out of bed is painful to him. I'm understanding and I try not to be a bother in the morning. But I AM a morning person. I mean, I'm not a get out of bed singing type of person. I like having a nice quiet morning and getting "in my zone" for the day. Lately every morning has been extremely overshadowed by his negativity. He moans and whines like he's being prodded with a hot poker and it really really REALLY has been getting to me, totally throwing off my morning zen and generally spoiling my mornings for me.

My question: Would it be wrong of me to ask him to tone down the negativity in the morning or am I being selfish about not wanting him to ruin my mood in the morning?

DK/DC: What did you have for breakfast today?

(I had raisin bran)
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