Claire (orcawhispers) wrote in thequestionclub,

Am I being let go at my job?

Please help TQC!

I work in a restaurant as a waitress. It's a crappy job but it got me back on my feet and functioning again after a long battle with depression. I've only been working there for around four months. Anyway, my manager just called me there before I was due to go to work saying that they were making cuts for around 20 of the staff and that I didn't need to come in and that I'm "going on holiday". I was like what?? I don't understand what this means. I thought, is this his way of letting me go? He then said, he is putting today down as a holiday for me so I will still get paid (didn't think this was even possible as my work uses a clock in system and doesn't make much sense if he is talking about making cuts?!) and then said that I've still to come in for my shift tomorrow. I suffer from really bad anxiety, so I'm sick with nerves at the moment. Well I guess this experience- whether I get let go or not- is a wake up call... I depend way too much on this job! Need more things in my life, arrgh. So what do you think my manager meant, am I being let go? He did mention the word "cuts"!!

DK/DC - Why did you leave your last job?
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