Kat (atheistkathleen) wrote in thequestionclub,

are there commercials that offend you? which ones? have you seen the new dove deoderant commercial? ah it bothers me so much! last year stephen colbert was talking about dove's study about what parts of women's body are they self conscious about, and they found out its our arm pits, and so now dove is making a 'beautifying deoderant' and he said that dove is owned by the same people who own ben and jerry's and if they want to profit off of some bs product to "help" our armpits, we might as well just use their ice cream, and he had people put ice cream in some models' armpits

i rejoined twitter so i could bitch at companies about their crappy commercials lol
idk, i don't think i get offended easily but advertising really gets me sometimes. and now i feel like purposely never buying any dove products.

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