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Say you're moving to a new, much bigger city. Full time jobs in your industry are highly competitive and most require more qualifications than you currently possess. You have 4 months to move (you are joining your SO and keeping your current lease until you find a job).

Which would you be most likely to do?

+ Search for a full time + benefits job not in your field but something you're good at
+ Hold out for a full time + benefits job in your industry that you are qualified for (few and far between)
+ Attempt to find 2 part time jobs in your industry (much more common) and apply for health insurance through the ACA
+ Something else that I will detail in the comments

So as I've mentioned previously, my boyfriend and I are moving to Alexandria, VA for a job opportunity for him. I'm currently employed full time in a call center, and part time at a museum. I'm currently job hunting in and around Alexandria, especially for museum jobs as that was my major. However, I'd need full time with benefits, and most of the museum jobs I've seen that are full time with benefits I am not qualified for. The lease where I live now is up in late June, so theoretically I have until then to find a job, but I'd like to move sooner than later because I hate long distance relationships.

So, should I hold out for a museum job, or should I be looking for customer service in the meantime just to get me up there? I'm on the fence about it...my boyfriend thinks I should hold out for a museum job but at the same time he wants me up there ASAP too. I'm kind of thinking it's going to be hard to get cold-hired for a full time position in a museum, since most of the time they tend to hire from within.


Also, anyone having trouble with polls? It generates the code but it keeps posting just the text when I post/preview it.
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