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Hey TQC -

I have friends who recently became an open foster family. They just had a placement of two girls in the 3-7 age range (she's going from three kids to five). I'm very excited for them and I wanted to send gifts to the two girls. What would be appropriate? I want it to be something they can take with them should they return to their parents. I don't live in the same state, so something I can mail would be good.

I don't even know if I'm phrasing this right or asking the right questions (so apologies if I've said something I shouldn't have with regards to all of this - I'm trying to be super sensitive and have been reading up on articles and such, but all of them talk about practical things that would be great... if I lived nearby). This is my BFF which is why it's a huge deal for me, because I know how excited she's been. I'm also trying to think of ways to help her from afar as well. (I don't have a lot of money as we have our own issues right now we're going through).

Also, what's a good way to stay connected with a friend going through a transition? Her life has gotten chaotic, so I'm trying to find ways to let her know I still remember her even if we can't talk as much as we normally do (I miss her already! LOL) while keeping my expectations from her light to non-existent. We've been friends for a long while so I know she'll reach out to me when she's able. Right now I write letters, so I'll probably continue to do that, or even cards (she knows that I don't expect her to write back, I'm a letter writer by nature and I just like doing it)... what are some other creative ways?

Any other suggestions?

DK/DC - So I beat all the levels on Candy Crush and I'm waiting for new ones (don't judge, it's a fun activity while nursing). What are some other fun FB games? I was playing Papa Pear but got to an irritating level and it doesn't have the same appeal. I didn't much like Pet Rescue Saga either (boo).
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