Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm laid up with FLU, and I'm keeping myself busy with interesting viewing. Just finished, "Price of Gold" which is an ESPN film about the Kerrigan/Harding scandal. It brings me back to when it actually happened.
I was always ALWAYS rooting for Harding, just hoping that she would somehow be clean and come out on top. Not in the cards however.

Do you remember this scandal?
Whose side were you on?
Do you think that Tonya 100% had something to do with the planning?

Any other scandal docs you can recommend?

Flu-related questions:

Did you ever have the flu?
What did you do to get through the fever spikes, boredom, and general miserableness of it all?
Any advice? (I'm getting rest, drinking lots of water, eating light meals when I can, taking fever reducers when my fever gets real high, and just trying to ride it out without too much crying and complaining)

It's obviously too late for me now, but have you ever taken Tamiflu? Did it help? The clinic asked my husband if he wanted it because he has been exposed (though his test was neg) and he has a serious cough currently. He declined because the nurse advised that it doesn't always work. I'm not sure if he should have just filled the script anyways.

Pictures of cute things would not hurt this post either :)
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