Nynaeve Sedai (nynaeve_sedai) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nynaeve Sedai

Baby's Gotta Eat...


I called my insurance to just double check that breast pumps were covered. I need a hospital grade one (because supply issues and other issues) and so I need a prescription. No biggie, I can get it, but they said the mandate (I'm assuming this is part of the Affordable Care Act) has specifics they have to cover so I just need it to be a "coverable" reason. Obviously I want my doc to say the right thing though I'd assume supply issues would totally be one of the reasons. I tried googling but my Google-fu is thwarted by a baby that wants me to hold him and an older kid doing school work.

Does anyone know what the covered needs are? Or where I can find them?

DK/DC - What are fun things to do with kids on St. Patricks Day? Links that I can pin on Pinterest are a bonus! (Kids being 1 kid that's 7 because my baby won't be really doing a whole lot of anything)
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