Genna (noachoc) wrote in thequestionclub,

So it snowed a lot here yesterday and the roads were still pretty sloppy when I drove to work. Shortly before I got to work, the steering wheel started jerking to the right, just one quick jerk every thirty seconds or so (but not exactly... they weren't evenly spaced). I was driving pretty slowly, so it wasn't a big deal. I checked the tires when I got to work and they look fine (we've had trouble with the front right losing air, but it's fine right now).

Any idea what might have been causing it? I just had the car inspected yesterday and it passed. They looked at the wheels and said they were rusting and should be replaced but that it wasn't anything urgent.

I'm just wondering if it's safe to drive it home (about 13 miles, the roads should be clear by then).

dk;dc: How'd you sleep last night, TQC?
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