words and dreams and a million screams (moshimishi) wrote in thequestionclub,
words and dreams and a million screams

This is really important to me.

I've had gnocchi 3 times in my life. One was at that Italian place in downtown disney, and it was delicious. Super soft, melt-in-your-mouth little pillows. The second time was at a nice Italian place, and they were way more potato-y. I really don't like the texture of potatoes very much at all, so these gnocchi were pretty disappoint. The third time was tonight, some gourmet trader joe's sweet potato gnocchi, and it had the soft, smooth texture I liked so much the first time I had them.

So tell me, is typical gnocchi supposed to be pretty potato-y, or does it vary a lot? I really really love it otherwise and want to not be disappointed next time I order it.


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