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Rescue me...

For people who own or work with animal rescue organizations, what does the organization look for when making a home visit?

For anyone: The application and process for adopting a dog from a rescue is really involved and sometimes seems a bit intrusive. Is it worth it to adopt a dog that's basically already safe from random euthanasia when there are plenty of high-kill pounds and shelters out there with lots of dogs to home? (For the sake of the question, let's assume you're not looking for a purebred.)

When I was growing up, having a pet meant making sure they had food, water, shelter and basic vet care. My family's dogs were outside dogs when I was a kid, but I hung out with them almost all afternoon. (Full disclosure: that did change when I moved out of my parents house, and I wouldn't choose to have a completely outdoor dog again.) My childhood pets were happy and healthy. Do you think dogs are better off perpetually fostered or destroyed than adopted to be outside animals (with proper care)?

Assuming they don't let their dogs impinge on others, do you think a dog owner is negligent and a bad dog owner if they don't spend a lot of time training their dog?

Do you think a dog owner with a dog that's not fully socialized (to be friendly with just about everyone they meet) is a poor owner? (Again, assume they just keep their dogs away from others, not that they let them behave badly around them.)

dk/dc/what's with the dog questions: Is there a TV show or TV personality of any type (actor, news anchor, etc.) that grates on your nerves so badly that you scramble for the remote if it comes on? Who/what/do you know why?
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