Me (sailorblonde) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you make tough decisions?

TQC - I'm having a hard time making a big decision. I need to decide if stay here, or move back home?

In two months our lease ends and my long-term boyfriend and I are separating. For a long time I felt like he was the only thing keeping me here, and if we separated I'd move back to be closer to my family. Now that the decision's imminent, I'm starting to doubt moving home. I've been here for 6 years and I'm used to it. I have friends here and there are things I'd really miss. At the same time, moving home means I'll be closer to family, and aging parents. I know moving home will also help me move on (I started dating my BF when I moved here, so life with him is the only life I know out here).

I've always thought of here as temporary, but now I'm not so sure. Both options have really good and really bad things about them. I miss my family so it'd be great to be closer, but I'll really miss my hobby's scene out here (which doesn't exist at home).

Do you have any advice for making a life-changing decision? Thanks!
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