wakiebakie (wakiebakie) wrote in thequestionclub,

grr family

I have two half sisters from my father's first marriage. They are older, but we keep in touch through facebook and sometimes visit one another. Through my job, I can get a pretty sweet hotel deal to some hotspots in mexico, cabo, cancun, etc. This afternoon I sent them both a FB message asking if they would have any interest in going with me to one of these places, since the hotel would be totally free.
My eldest half sister sent a really snarky message back, saying 3 nights wasn't long enough for her to take a vacation. Like a "yeah right, you're dumb" message.
My feelings are hurt, because I thought of this for both of my sisters and thought it would be a good way to see one another (we live all across the US).
So I'm annoyed, and pissed. and I was suppose to go visit the angry sister next month, but now I don't want to. Am I being selfish or immature? Like, if you can't fly 6 hours for a free trip, why should I fly 5 hours to come visit you for two days?
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