Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Yet another date poll

You're on a first date. You guys are hitting it off. There's a rapport. Then your date says something odd, which may make you seem him/her in a new way. Something that may make you ambivalent towards dating them, despite the fact the date is going really well. Which of these, if uttered by your date, would make you less enthusiastic about a second date? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you could overlook the statement

'You watch tv? I'm sorry. chuckle. I haven't owned a tv in 7 years. I don't understand why people think it's so necessary'
'Reading? As in books? Lol. What, are you still in school? Nobody reads books anymore. Anything good they make into movies anyway'
'Right now, all I'm doing is just playing bass for this band. We have a couple shows lined up next month. I hope it takes off. That's all I got on my plate for now'
'I used to weight 400lbs. I was almost on the Biggest Loser, but I lost the weight on my own. This was 2 years ago. It's definitely a daily struggle avoiding temptation, lemme tell you'
'I got into a fight last week at the bar. I won. I got into a fight 3 weeks before that. I also won. And yet another fight a month before that. That one was a draw'
'No, I don't have a car. I bicycle everywhere. It's cheaper and better for the environment. I'll never own a car'
'This? No, I'm not married. This is a purity ring. Can't do the ol in-and-out. Hehehe. Promised I'd stay pure'
'I think Bigfoot is real. Too many sightings over the years. I can't wait til they catch one'
'I get anxiety sometimes, so I get prescribed pot. I smoke like 3 bowls a night. Wanna come over?'
'You're definitely not like my ex. That's a good thing. We were together for 5 years. Oh, we broke up last month. That bitch'
'A few years ago, I was a strong anti-abortionist. I used to picket clinics. Now, I've mellowed out and live and let live'
'You know, they charge an extra dollar to make a hamburger a cheeseburger. But I'm smart. I brought my own sliced cheese to put on it myself. Hah! Saved me an entire dollar! Want one?'
'I'm not for pedophilia in any way. It's fucked up, but I don't get why someone has to go to jail for years just for having the wrong kind of porn on their computer. They can't help who they're attracted to. It's just porn'
'I just don't get pets. Here's a different species that you're allowing to live in your home. Ridiculous. I don't know if I could take a pet owner seriously'
'I think Juggalos get a bad rap. They're ordinary, decent people the rest of the time. I'm not a Juggalo per se, but I'll go to a couple ICP concerts a year. In makeup'
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