Sarah (flying_pig7) wrote in thequestionclub,

Facebook Etiquette

For those who have facebook:
Would you accept a friend request from your boss/employer?
Would you send a friend request to your boss/employer?
What about your employee? Parents? Teachers/lecturers?

I am a live-in nanny/au pair. I've been with this family less than a month and the mum of the family added me on facebook last night. I accepted but put her on my restricted list so she can only see public posts (only my profile picture and cover photo). Do you think she might be offended that I haven't let her see anything?
I think she's done the same to me so it should be fine right? Or is there another setting where I can filter what she sees? (I could only work out how to make posts in my timeline visible to "only me")
Why did she add me?
I haven't posted anything particularly negative about the family or anything I wouldn't mind her seeing, but still...
I've worked for two different families. The first both parents added me after I'd left (they didn't have facebook at the time) which is fine. They regularly comment on my posts, bit weird but no worries. The second the mum was always on facebook but she never mentioned adding me. That was definitely more of an employer/employee relationship so probably for the best.
I do have my parents on facebook, but no teachers. (Sad story: there were 3 people in total in my German class at school. My teacher added the other 2 girls after we left school. Guess who she didn't like?)
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