cynatnite (cynatnite) wrote in thequestionclub,

Food Vacuum Sealer Questions...

We are looking at buying a food vacuum sealer in the next week and I saw so many that I'm having a hard time choosing. I want to spend $100 - $200 for one.

I know very little other than what I've been told. I've never actually seen them used to be honest. We're having issues with food getting freezer burned in the deep freeze which is why I think it's what we need.

Anyway, which vacuum sealers are better? How does the cutting work? Some say the cutting is included and others will say nothing at all. Does that mean the machine will cut the bags for you? Are rolls better or bags?

I'm looking at shopping either at Walmart or Sam's Club. If I don't like what I find at either of those stores, I'll go with Amazon.

I'd love some advice here. Thanks :)
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