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cat advice

I made a post here about a month or two ago about a scab that my cat had on his head. I was able to take him to the vet about 2 weeks ago for treatment of the scabs around his head/neck as he was scratching a lot, as well as assistance with managing his inflammatory bowel disease.

the vet had me change his food to Royal Canin's hypoallergenic dry formula. She also prescribed him an antibiotic for the scabs (she said the scabs were caused by skin irritation likely connected to food sensitivities). he was also prescribed a weaning dose of prednisone, a steroid medication, to help with the inflammation in his bowel. I also mentioned to the vet he was sneezing a bit, but she said that it again could be a food sensitivity and/or dry/cold air in my apartment. the food she prescribed is one of the most sensitive foods you can give to a cat with IBD.

this was about 2 weeks ago, he's finished the antibiotic and most of the scabs are gone and he rarely scratches his neck anymore (yay!). he's now down to taking the steroid every 48 hours until the pills are gone. he had some common side effects from the steroid (increased hunger and thirst, some loss of energy) but nothing major.

the problem now is - I noticed about 4 or 5 days ago he's starting to go into sneezing fits and his breathing sounds a bit congested. he's also more lethargic than before (though he still purrs when I pet him, he just seems to have very little energy). he seems to be shaking his head and sniffling quite a bit.

I find it odd that this is suddenly happening when the vet said his lungs sounded very healthy just two weeks ago. does anyone have any insight on why this could be happening? could the steroids or antibiotics given him a cold?

sorry for the novel.

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