J (anguisel) wrote in thequestionclub,

Insurance question.

This has been bugging me for a long time now and I'm just wondering what other people think of this.

My dad got into an accident that was his fault. Since his vehicle was brand new, it would have raised the insurance pretty high. The insurance agent decided that instead of putting down the new car that was in the accident, they put my mom's older car on there instead to keep the insurance low. My dad gets a few friends over and they work on the car so that there isn't a report of the car being repaired.

Well now my parents are divorcing and this keeps popping up over and over again with my mom's insurance. Even though her car has not been in an accident, because of what the insurance agent did, she has to pay higher then what she normally would.

Is there a way that we can send proof to her insurance that the accident was on the other car? My parents don't realize it but I saved the pictures that were taken of the damage. Would it be possible for us to use those and get it changed that no it was actually his car in the accident?

Edit: Too many replies so editing. Thanks for giving me your input. I think I'll just let the pictures sit and let my mom figure out what the hell she wants to do with them.
As to some of the questions. I guess I could've added more info originally but wanted to be vague but I did not have a license then nor now so I was not on the policy. I only found out the extent of what happened when my mom switched insurance companies and I asked why we were getting mail from insurance company B and not insurance company A. I thought oh well after she told me until I was asked to sort flash drives to give my dad his pictures that I found them and saved them onto a flash drive. I thought maybe there would be a way to give her car a clean bill of health thing but if not that's okay. It's their mess, not mine. I just wanted to confirm that something didn't seem right with this.
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