Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

SyFy's Opposite Worlds

Has anyone watched this reality show yet?

Have do you think?

I think it's a trainwreck and can only lead to hilarity. It's awesome in it's lack of foresight and poorly thought out challenges. I surmise that each week, the show will get more desperate to maintain control due to the game getting out of hand.

Below the cut is my feedback

In theory, the show has legs. Two teams; one living in a state-of-the-art future-esque condo, with hot tub and every nicety you can think of, the other living in a cold equivalent of a barn, eating stale bread and baby carrots, where starting a fire is a good day. There's a large window separating the two teams, as they can watch with mild interest or strong jealousy what the other team is up to. The teams' stay in their particular habitats can change weekly, depending on the result of the 'challenge'.

Here's where the silliness comes in

You'd think the challenge would be task-oriented. Either trivia or physical tasks, where correct answers or speed selects the winning team. NOPE!!!! It's an American Gladiator-esque face-off on an elevated platform, where the loser is knocked off. And...did I mention that both combatants are armed with baton-sized TASERS??? They're two-handed and unwieldy so so far no one's really zapped the other yet, but it's only a matter of time. Or used it like a billy club to batter the other person off the ledge. The area beneath the platform is not as cushioned as you'd think it would be. In the first episode, 3 people on the 'past' team (the fire-making team) got hurt. One apparently broke his femur, another sprained her finger, and a third left with her arm in a sling. Once people start getting tased and shocked off what looks like a 1.5 story platform, and falling awkwardly due to the fact their muscles are contracting because of the electrical jolt, the injuries can only increase.


Let's consider the fairness involved here. The future team sleeps in comfortable beds, temperature-controlled rooms, and has access to a hot tub if they are aching, plus has catered meals. The past team sleeps on the ground, is cold the majority of the time, and has a shitty diet. The challenges are apparently one a week, meaning the past team is coming off 7 days of sore backs from sleeping on a hard surface, and a diet depleted of protein and short on carbs. How can they ever compete in these Hunger Games-like challenges? Plus, after the first episode, one of their men is out indefinitely, and one of their woman has a hurt finger and may have grip issues. It'll only get harder for them to win, which means week after consecutive week stuck in the barn.

And to top it off, whoever cast the show put the bigger, more physically capable people on the future team. They have this bodybuilding fireman who's like 6'3 who towers above everybody else. Know how he knocked his opponent off the platform? Simply pushed him with one hand.

Every week, someone gets eliminated, and this elimination is the result of the audience calling in. It's a stupid voting reality show. America likes winners, so I don't see the past team staying intact when they continue to lose. Week after week, someone gets sent home, and the frustrations will mount for the past team, and they'll seem angry and bitter have to watch the future team drink champagne in their hot tub, while they themselves are huddled around a flickering fire in dirty blankets. Why would America want to keep a bunch of dirty, grumpy players, as opposed to freshly bathed, positive players? Then what will the show do when they have unfair inbalances, like 5 people on one team, and two people on the other, and with one of those two leaning on a crutch, as they vamp up for yet another round of taser fighting?

So, in the end, I see nothing but chuckles

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