Number 201, reporting for duty, sir. (z_o_e) wrote in thequestionclub,
Number 201, reporting for duty, sir.

Trackable map website?

Happy New Year TQC!

I am going to be getting a rowing machine here in the next week or so. I love using it at the gym, and think I'd use it a lot at home. I'm really excited.

Inspired by a recent episode of Modern Family in which Phil "ellipticals" his way (in miles) from his home in California up to Canada, I was thinking I wanted to see if I could "row" my way to Alaska. I'd like to be able to track this on some kind of online map, so I can update it and see my progress. I tried Google maps, but they wont let you make way-points out in the water. Does anyone know of any online maps that would let me do this?


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