Milhent (milhent) wrote in thequestionclub,

Last hours of the year

So, there are only hours - or around a day at most - left in this year.
I wonder, how many hours left for you, and how are you going to spend them?

A bit over 12 hours of this year left. Everyone else are at work, and I have worked off today two weeks ago, so I am on kitchen-clean-up-and-tree-decorating duty. Right now I am bouncing between cooking cold cuts and salads in the kitchen and monitoring last load of wash. Once I am done in the kitchen, father will be home and we'll set up three "trees", which are bouquets of fur-tree branches, biggest one for living room, other two for my and mother's rooms. Then I'll do touch-up dusting and by then mother and sister should get back from work and take over the cooking.
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