enjoyliving (enjoyliving) wrote in thequestionclub,

insurance coverage

I am obviously going to contact my insurance company for further info, but how would you interpret this info?

In short, we have to do IVF because my lady parts don't work due to a chronic medical condition I was born with. I looked in my work binder for all of the health insurance info.

It has a long list of exclusions, and IVF is on there. At the very bottom, though, it says "Note: There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions."

So do you think that my insurance will help cover IVF costs?  It would be nice if they did. It's friggin expensive!

Have you ever had IVF? Known anyone who's had it? My uterus is fine so the doctors think that IVF will be a great option for me. The thought of getting pregnant *on purpose* is so bizarre to me still.
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