eric_the_pilot (eric_the_pilot) wrote in thequestionclub,

Christmas is that time of year when people post some of the most soul-crushingly depressing Facebook statuses. Here is a sampling from my personal feed:

1) Celebrating Christmas Eve with beer, Family Guy, and Sheetz food

2) I am glad that all my friends and family are having a great Christmas and they have gotten what they wanted.
I am not here to pout, but here to say this has been the worst day ever... My year sucked except for my Spartan Races and meeting great people. I haven't bought anyone much or anything for that matter. I instead had to pay bills. Now it seems like 2 more bills I will have to pay at the start of the new year. I am tired of bills being paid late or not at all. I use to have decent credit but now I don't. I will never be able to get another car or buy a home if I wanted too.
I don't know how 2014 will be but I hope it gets better.
I have been thinking of this year for some time and come to the conclusion that God has a plan and put it into action earlier in the year to see if I break or if I stay strong enough to make it. Well so far I made it, so if at any point I am not on here it's because my internet or phone was shut off or there was a car repossession, or who knows. I know I should get another part time job, but feel why should I always be the one paying all the bills. But that's life I guess and God's plan.
I see he doesn't want to me be strong but to break and give up...
We shall see how 2014 goes....

3) I just wish I didn't have to spend the day by myself... Samantha is at her parents, and her father forbids me in their house...

Which is the saddest Chrstmas FB status?

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