mikehz (mikehz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Inspired by a post below, what is the oddest museum you've been to?

I love odd museums. My favorite was the Tupperware museum at the Tupperware corporate HQ in Kissimmee, Florida. I'd expected displays of all their fine storage ware from the past, but instead saw a really interesting collection of storage containers going all the way back to ancient times.

Many monasteries have odd museums. I guess it's an old tradition that whenever someone in the area found something odd, they donated it to the nearest monastery. My brother-in-law was a monk at Mt. Angel Monastery in Oregon for some years, and took us to see the very unusual collection of oddities they have on display there.

I recall visiting a museum for ballooning in Mitchel, South Dakota. Right down the street was a doll museum, and nearby was the Corn Palace, an entire auditorium made of corn. It's a happening place, Mitchell. On the same trip, we visited Wall Drug, one of the most unusual museums in America, full of all sorts of odd junk.
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