devolute (devolute) wrote in thequestionclub,

so my hair has been falling out steadily for about 2 years. i have a lot less hair than i used to. haven't figured anything out from the doctor yet. i have fairly long hair and it's gotten to the point that i'm just disgusted by it since it's always falling out in big clumps. i can't run my fingers through it, brushing it even once through results in a a brush full of hair (i generate a good handful's worth every few days when i clean off my brush).

i'm thinking of chopping it all off and getting an asymmetrical curly pixie cut so i'm less annoyed with the sheer volume that comes off my head. will i feel liberated? or big regret? it seems like short hair would feel less "gross" because there's less to get tangled/deal with. i wear it in an ugly pony tail all the time because it sheds all over my clothes and i hate washing it at the length it's at now because so much comes out.

anyone else deal with hair loss before? it sucks :(
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