That Damn Broad (thatdamnbroad) wrote in thequestionclub,
That Damn Broad

What do I do about this religious war, TQC?!

When I was growing up, my older (by 9 years) sister and I were very, very close - to the point that I used to spend most summers with her and her husband and children on their farm. I also lived with them for a time after I graduated from high school. During those years my sister was a very outspoken atheist (me, being raised a lukewarm/superstitious Christian, used to joke that I was afraid to stand near her in a thunderstorm in case she got struck by lightning). She was so adamant she said her three children would never be allowed to set foot in a church or read the bible ("It's got too much sex and violence in it!" she told me). That was fine by me, I didn't care, it was her business and like I said, I was a very lukewarm Christian anyway, simply because I'd been raised to it and I was too young to have begun to think for myself.

I went in the Air Force when I was 18, and was gone four years. When I came back my sister was a bible-thumping born-again Christian. And she was determined that I would become one also.

We had a HUGE falling-out after our mother died, because of her religious beliefs and her persistence in shoving them down my throat. We totally lost contact for at least ten years.

Then along came the internet, and I started missing my sister and her children, who were now having children of their own. I scouted around and found an email address for her and got in touch with her again. We repaired the breech, and my husband and I started visiting them and spending holidays with them, etc. It was nice for awhile, but in the past few years my sister has started spamming me with Christian chain letters, and worse than that, I realize that our political ideologies are polar opposites (she is totally against gay marriage as an abomination, she thinks all immigrants should be run out of the country and the borders closed, President Obama is the Antichrist - you get the picture). Also, I am very much an atheist, but I DO NOT shove my beliefs (or lack thereof) down anyone's throat. We have gradually stopped seeing my sister and her family, although we keep in touch via Facebook (however, I have removed her updates from my newsfeed because there again, it's usually Christian in nature, usually about how Christians are being so badly persecuted in the United States and that prayer should be "allowed" in school, etc). Also I posted an article about how the Oklahoma Church of Satan has applied for a permit to put up a monument to their faith next to the new Christian monument. My sister responded: I hope they blow it up! Or at least put a stop to it! To her, freedom of religion means ONLY the Christian religion (and she barely tolerates Catholicism as a valid Christian religion). And yet she seems hurt and confused that I am becoming so distant from her again.

In a nutshell, we are on the verge of having a major falling-out yet AGAIN over the matter of religion. I've bitten my tongue until I can hardly bear to bite it anymore. And I hate to see how all of this has changed my sister - when she was raising her kids on the farm (the quintessential 1970s earth mama) she was an atheist and very happy-go-lucky. Since she was "saved" she has become the most depressed person I know. She can hardly wait for death because she wants to "be with Jesus forever". And of course she really hopes and believes that Jesus will return "in our lifetime".

What would you do in this situation, TQC? Keep biting your tongue or finally blow your stack and let the chips fall where they may?
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