* (erroroperator) wrote in thequestionclub,

Grade Discrepancy

Would you write to your professor about a discrepancy in the grade he gave you and your calculations of what you should have received? I got a B in a class, but according to my calculations, I should have received a B+. There were three things in this class, which is the only reason I noticed the problem.

A literary analysis was worth 30%; I got 77.5% on it.

A group project worth 20%; I got 100% on it.

A final paper worth 50%; I got 80% on it.

When I calculate this, my grade comes to 83.25% (this is also what shows up on the online grading system), which is a B+, yet I only received a B as my final grade.

Should I write to my professor about this? I'm a little hesitant because I have him as a professor next semester, too. If yes, should I wait until the New Year or should I bring it up now?
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