Eve (eveofrevolution) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, my boyfriend lost his job almost 2 weeks ago. We live in a small city that does not have much opportunity for him (he is a software developer) so we're likely going to have to move. We are looking to move either to DC/College Park/Baltimore area, Richmond, VA, or Raleigh/Durham area, as those three places will have the most opportunity for both of us (I'm looking to go to grad school in the next year or two).

Anyone live in any of these areas and can recommend what areas we should look to move into? Any neighborhoods that would be good for a mid-twenties couple with a not too crazy standard of living? We are paying about $750 for a 2 bedroom apartment in a quiet but not ritzy part of town where we live now. For reference, he made about $48k in his job. I know the bigger cities will be more expensive, but I guess I'm wondering what we should expect, or if there are specific places we should look to keep costs from being astronomical (we'd be ok with paying more than we do now, as long as he has a comparable salary).
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