cocksucker (fellatrix) wrote in thequestionclub,

i got my boyfriend some doctor who pint glasses for christmas. when you put a cold drink in the glass, the tardis printed on it is supposed to turn blue. but i just opened the package and the tardis is already blue on both glasses. it's kinda chilly in my room, but not THAT cold, and i brought it in from the stoop like 12 hours ago so it's not like it's still blue from being in a cold environment. can those color-changing stickers get...stuck? should i try to return this? i'm sad. i liked this idea. :(

UPDATE: i didn't want to open them, so i held a warm cloth to a glass and it turned white again. apparently it doesn't take much in the way of cold temperatures to trigger the color change on these things. yay! soooo to add a new question, what was the last thing you had to return?
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