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This is a bit of a first world problem. I have a 10+ year old dishwasher. It looks fine, but it does not wash the dishes well. I stopped using it, and just wash by hand. I don't put in crusted dishes that are caked in food; just regular dishes that other dishwashers have been able to handle. But this one no longer washes them. They come out with food chunks and it's gross. I have took out the spinny thing (the rinse/water arm thing?) and cleaned out the junk, ran a dishwasher cleaner through it, and make sure it can spin. I just think it's a not good dishwasher that's dead. I want to buy a new one.

I want to spend around 500$ or less, but I have no idea which brands or where to buy. I was looking at a Brada but online reviews said it was awful. I was at the Brick but I didn't like the $230 install fee.

1) What are good dishwasher brands? Which are awful and I should never buy?
2) Where should I buy? I'm in Canada in a big city.
3) What is a reasonable fee to install? Is it hard to do it myself?
4) What the heck do I do with the old one, assuming I don't have someone take it with delivery of the new one? Is it an asshole move to give it away free AS LONG as I state it doesn't clean well but might be fixable?

DK/DC: Would you/have you prefer to buy a new or used car? Why? My answer in comments.
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