. (miss_almost) wrote in thequestionclub,

decide my life

my work is having a potluck christmas party, they have appetizers, then have a sit-down dinner. there is no official food-sign up sheet but ive been told the boss is bringing roast beef and pork roast. others are bringing "cookies, cheese & crackers, hashbrown casserole, and stuffing" but people can change their minds. they will have some cheap wines and "good" beers along with pop.

what should i bring? right now ideas include:

chocolate cupcakes stuffed with peppermint filling
deviled egg dip with crackers
hummus with crackers and vegetables to dip
some kind of trifle involving store-bought angle food cake.

but im open to suggestions, especially for side dishes since i can only think of appetizers and desserts.

what is your favorite dish to bring to potlucks?
whats your favorite thing to eat at potlucks?
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