Essenity (essenity) wrote in thequestionclub,

Would you like to help me with my shopping list?

I'm overseas in Hong Kong. Everyone tells me I need to go shopping/eating.

So. Can you add a (weird/eccentric or must have) item to my shopping list (but nothing expensive, let's keep it to less than $100USD)? Because even if I can't afford everything... I can at least go window shopping. Or if you know of something in Hong Kong that NEEDS to be tried, could you please recommend it?

like stationery?
Or snacks?
I had a friend recommend that I buy an umbrella because apparently Asian umbrellas are incredibly light, ridiculously cute, but still sturdy.

There's also IKEA here, which we don't have in my home country... so is there anything amazing that I need to go find in IKEA?
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