Rhea (xxxnevermorexxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi, all - not sure if people will have opinions on this, but I'd like to get some real human reviews here, as I've been searching for several days.

I want to get a super lightweight laptop (a netbook, basically) that is 2.5 lbs at most but IS NOT a touch screen or tablet. I don't care about the OS because I'm going to run only Linux (probably Ubuntu) on it. Therefore I also don't want to pay extra for a super snazzy OS (such as a MacAir for $1,000). I'm running into the problem where as soon as they started manufacturing netbook-style computers as lightweight as I'm looking for, they also started turning them into tablets.

I'm thinking of buying a used Chromebook for ~$200 and just running Ubuntu on that. But even a lot of those are closer to 3 lbs, which is too heavy.

So what I'm asking is: What would Jesus do?

I've looked at some Linux forums and even Reddit (god help me) to look for some recommendations, but I figured I'd try here too.

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