handsunderhips (handsunderhips) wrote in thequestionclub,

I got a sponsor child today. When I got all set up and received information on the child I visited the website to investigate how the money is spent, programs they fund, info on the country where the child was from etc. While on the website there was a message board and I saw that a few people asked the following:

"I will sponsor women's monthly birth control or vasectomy for men but I will not support children they continue to have that they cannot afford. When can I contribute to birth control?"

Immediately my reaction is that I know education in some African countries is lacking and that many people are extremely hesitant to take medication they are not familiar with (ie. birth control) also religious reasons could stop many. Not to mention that this would not stop the spread of HIV/ other stds. What are your thoughts? Is there any validity to this statement? I can see the benefit to birth control (not the pill but the general sentiment of controlling the amount of children these families have) but the way to go about it seems like a very sensitive subject.
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